PayPal Help

Paypal is the credit card payment option we use for automatic membership dues processing.

We really prefer that you pay using this option.  When you use it, you can either use your Paypal account, if you have one, or use a credit card. Both on the same Paypal payment system.

We also have a manual credit card payment as an alternative to Paypal.  However, it doesn't automatically pay your dues, so your payment doesn't result in a membership (or in renewal of your membership) until the Treasurer manually updates your membership record. 

In a pinch, we can accept cash or a check.  But only in a pinch, because cash or a check means that the Treasurer has to walk to the bank, and the Treasurer is sick of walking to the bank.  Not enough people give the Treasurer treats at the bank.  At the hardware store, and at the dump, the Treasurer gets treats, but at the bank, the Treasurer gets nada.  So please don't.