PayPal Help

Paypal is the credit card payment option we use for automatic membership dues processing. It works 99% of the time, but the 1% is a major buttpain.

BEWARE: If you already have a Paypal account, and you don't log into it, Paypal may reject or (way worse) hold your payment for suspected fraud.  If you try to pay with a credit card that you've already registered with Paypal, or if you enter an email address that you've associated with your Paypal account, Paypal's fraud detection software may flag your transaction.  If your payment is held, you get no CSC membership, and Paypal holds your money for two weeks (unless you listen to Paypal's hold music for a half hour).  Plus, Paypal may refund your money to a Paypal account with a login and password you can't remember.

We have a manual credit card payment that doesn't automatically pay your dues, but it can be used instead of cash or check for payment at the club.  To use, just

  1. register on the Memberships page,
  2. click Submit,
  3. click Cancel Payment on the next page, and
  4. email the Treasurer to say that you've paid on and signed up on the website.

We also gladly take cash or check.  But it won't automatically give you a membership, the Treasurer has to manually enter your payment info.