Lessons on Demand

To accommodate the varied schedules of our members and provide additional times for sailing instruction, the Club is reviving a previous program which allows members to schedule a sailing lesson directly with an instructor at a time outside of the Club’s usual scheduled lessons.  There are several Junior and Senior rated members who are willing to teach sailing skills to individuals or groups at a prearranged time. This is a supplemental program to our normal Sailing Instruction, which is described here.

(Note: to see instructor contact information, you must login to the site)

Here’s how it works

There's a list of instructors on the website. For each instructor, there's a sailing bio to help familiarize prospective students with their background. The instructor also indicates the type of boat (dinghy or keelboat), the level of student they are willing to teach (unrated, Novice, Junior, etc.), what skills they are williing to teach, their availability for lesons and their email address.  For example, a given instructor might be willing to teach one afternoon a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but not both or their availability may change from week to week due to travel, work, etc. Prospective students will contact the instructor directly via email to request a lesson. The skill level, lesson contents, and any pre-requisites can all be discussed between instructor and student when arranging the lesson.  (It is ok to request a lesson for more than one student).  The instructor is also free to decline a lesson request since their participation in this program is on a voluntary basis. Lessons On Demand will not be offered during regularly scheduled Club lesson times, Club races, Fast Track events, Open Houses or any other Club sponsored event involving the use of the club boats.  Instructors earn volunteer hours for these lessons similar to hours earned during the Club’s normally posted lesson times.  A Coordinator, Craig Charles, will maintain the instructor listings on the site and facilitate the program.  


If you wish to sign up as an instructor, please email Craig Charles a listing of the days and times you are available to teach. Login to the site and come back to this page to see how to contact Craig.This can be changed as needed.  Please also send a brief bio outlining your sailing experience, indicate what level of student you wish to teach, what, if any, specific skills you’d like to teach and whether you are willing/able to teach on dinghies, keelboats or both.

After each lesson, please record the lesson in the log book in the ClubHouse, and remember to record your volunteer hours via the online site.


To arrange a Lesson On Demand, look at the instructor bios below where you will find a brief sailing bio and info on their availability.  You can then directly contact the instructor via email to arrange a lesson.  Please understand that instructor availability is subject to change and that the listings do not represent a commitment to teach on the part of the instructor.  NOTE:  It is possible to arrange a group lesson, (more than one student).  Please ask the instructor when arranging the lesson.

Let Us Know How It's Working. Send us an email. We want this to be a benefit for both students and instructors.  


John Bergmann

Junior Dinghy sailor since May, 2016. Club member since September, 2015.  Previously owned a Cal-20 in San Diego and sailed extensively including trips to Mexico and Catalina Island.  Contributed to updating the Club's Dinghy manual this year.  Willing to teach anyone working towards their Junior Dinghy rating and will teach all Junior level skils.  Availability for lessons: most Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Contact John. 

John Bongiovanni    

Senior Dinghy sailor, Club member since November 2013, dinghy sailor since the mid-1980s, and Club Rear Commodore (sailing instruction). Willing to test prospective Juniors who are adequately prepared, and also to teach rated Juniors working on Senior skills, especially rudderless sailing, jib-only sailing, sailing without a centerboard, backwards sailing, and downwind sailing. Availability for lessons:  Many Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  Contact John.

Yu-Sung Huang

Junior Skipper who joined the club in April 2016 and got the rating in summer of 2016. Would prefer to teach beginners, with focus on safety, rigging, points of sail, right of way, jibe/tack, heave to, and anchoring. More likely free Saturday and Sunday late morning or early afternoon, and prefer teaching beginners in winds between 5-20 knots with good tide. Contact Yu-Sung. 

Balthazar Lechene

Junior Dinghy sailor.  Also a rated windsurfer.  Recent club member, but has been sailing and windsurfing for many years.  Willing to teach beginners and novices working towards their Junior rating.  Mostly available on weekends. Contact Yu-Sung.

Frances Moore

Junior Dinghy sailor.  Recent club member, but has been sailing dinghies and keelboats for several years.  Willing to teach beginners and novices working towards their Junior rating.  Available many weekdays after 5:30pm and weekend afternoons. Contact Frances.

Jeff Scott

Junior Dinghy sailor as of Summer 2016 and have been with the club since 2015. Prepared to teach members towad their Junior rating. Available on most weekends. Contact Jeff.

Ed Shirk

Senior Skipper since 1989.  J+ windsurfer since 1998.  Past CSC Commodore and Ratings Committee Chair.  Will teach keelboat lessons to Senior keelboat rating candidates who have passed their Senior written test and have completed their Senior project.  Available anytime except during regularly scheduled club dinghy lessons.  Contact Ed.

Mike Sherrell

Senior Dinghy sailor.  Club member for five years.  Willing to teach Junior rated sailors on trapping out and/or gennaker sailing on Bahia's or the RS500's.  Requires winds of at least 10 knots.  Usually available on Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun. Contact Mike.