Days with No Day Leader Scheduled

We try to keep the Club open every day, but we need a Day Leader every day to do that. At present, we do not have enough Day Leaders on the payroll (they're all students on work-study programs). We are hiring and training more, but we're not there yet. Even will a full staff, Day Leaders will get sick and have other emergencies, take exams and vacations, etc. Despite our best efforts, there will be days when the Club will not be open, or will open late or close early because we don't have a Day Leader. If we're short of Day Leaders, we prioritize Lesson Days (Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays).

Days coming up where we don't have a Day Leader Scheduled

With new Day Leader hires, all days are currently covered.

Because of final exams issues, there is no Day Leader scheduled for Monday, May 8.

If you are Volunteer Day Leader trained and can cover all or part of these days, please help

Contact the Port Captains and let them know what you can cover.

If you are not Volunteer Day Leader trained and want to be

Contact the Port Captains and let them know you can help. If more of us do this, we can keep the Club open more days.