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# Boat # Open Issues DNS? Open Issues Summary
1Bahia 22Cracked hull
tiller extension fitting loose
2JY 10
3JY 21DNSDemasted: Fiberglass that mast goes through is broken, need to fix mast foo
4JY 32DNSTakes on a lot of water
Starboard aft rail cracked
5JY 43DNSPort trap line detached from the mast attachement point
Transom about to snap off
No centerboard
6JY 51Takes on tons of water - needs leak test
7JY 61Two loose screws on the port side hull.
8JY 71DNSRudder came loose
9JY 81Takes on a lot of water
10Laser 10
11Laser 20
12Quest 12DNSleaky
awaiting new hull
13Quest 20
14Quest 31DNSCracked Rudder Found
15Quest 40
16Quest 50
17Quest 60
18Quest 70
19Quest 80
20Rescue Skiff Bob0

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