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# Boat # Open Issues DNS? Open Issues Summary
1JY 010
2JY 020
3JY 031DNSMultiple fiberglass repairs underway
4JY 041DNSMultiple repairs underway
5JY 050
6JY 060
7JY 071DNSMultiple fiberglass repairs needed/underway
8JY 080
9JY 090
10JY 101DNSNeeds another leak test
11Laser 10
12Laser 20
13Quest 10
14Quest 20
15Quest 30
16Quest 41Cuts on the port side of the boom, most probably from friction with the shr
17Quest 50
18Quest 60
19Quest 70
20Quest 80

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Color Key: Boat is DNS (Do Not Sail) Boat has unfixed issues but can be sailed Boat has no reported issues

CSC Dinghy Log version 1.8.0