Welcome to CSC!

The Cal Sailing Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run sailing club in Berkeley

Membership costs just $120 for 3 months ($99 for students and seniors) plus 2 hours volunteer work and there are no charges for lessons, equipment use, cruises, or other club activities. Choose About CSC for more information, to join, See plans and pricing.

Once you've signed up, you'll need your Membership #  from your invoice or confirmation email.  If you forget that, check with the dayleader (they have the list of current members) or better yet, login again with your username and password and go to Account Info .  

Welcome aboard! Welcome to CSC!

Want to become a better sailing instructor? This is for you.

Cal Sailing is offering two workshops on how to teach dinghy sailing in February. The instructors are some of the best dinghy sailing instructors in the Club, and they want to help you up your game as an instructor.

If you have a rating but haven't taught, this is an opportunity to learn how to do it. When you teach, you not only give back to the Club, you learn and improve your own skills. If you teach, this is an opportunity to improve your skills and learn even more.

The workshops will  be focused on how to teach specific skills, and each session will be lead by an experienced CSC instructor.

The workshop will be in two sessions, Sunday, February 9, and Saturday, February 29. Both sessions will start around 1pm and go until 4pm or so. They will be mostly land talks, some demonstration on the water, and some practice.

This is the outline for the sessions. There will be different instructors for each session, and other instructors will be around to comment and offer alternative approaches/points of view, so it should be quite comprehensive.

Sunday, February 9:

  •         How to organize a lesson
  •         Instructor/Student Relationship
  •         Going from zero, how to teach a never-ever
  •         Sailing upwind and sail trim
  •         Tacking
  •         Downwind Sailing and Gybing
  •         Capsize Recovery and Anchoring
  •         Docking
  •         Getting feedback/giving feedback

Saturday, February 29:

  •         Slow Sailing
  •         Sailing Backwards (launching, lower winds)
  •         How you control the boat as an instructor
  •         MOB
  •         Small Circles

This is everything you need to teach to get a student to Junior. Come out and get tips from the Pros.

To sign up, send an email to the Rear Commodore, specifying which session(s) you will attend. 

Teach Dinghy Lessons weekdays and earn double work hours

We need more instructors on Mondays and Thursdays for dinghy lessons. Come out and teach, and log double the hours that you teach. Lessons are from 1pm on, so come out and help our newer members learn how to sail.

Last Fast Track for 2019 Finished August 9

There were 7 new Juniors, 2 new Novices, and 13 sailors who sailed much better at the end of the week than they did at the beginning.

We had a fantastic Fast Track program this season. Thanks to the organizers, cooks, helpers, instructors, testers, and of course students.

Fast Track will resume next season in May.


Photos from Women's Dinghy Capsize Clinic

This was held on July 7, and you can see the photos here. Check out our Calendar for more workshops this season.

New Video on Capsize Recovery

This video is the middle and last part of a series on capsize recovery. It is also in our video library under Lessons->Sailing->Videos.

New Video on Rudderless Sailing

This is a hugely important sailing skill, and not just on dinghies. When you master it, you will have more and more efficient and effective controls on the boat. Rama Hoetzlein and Andy Hacket produced a video on this. It is also in our video library under Lessons->Sailing->Videos.

New Windsurfing Links

A windsurfer in St Petersburg, FL, passed these on to us. Check them out here.


New Instructional Video on Rigging a Quest

Jack Chen produced this, and it covers inspecting, rigging and reefing a Quest, including putting the boat in the water with the hoist. You can also find it in our library of instructional videos at Lessons->Sailing->Videos.


Photos of Berkeley Reef at Ultra Low Tide Show Why to Keep a Safe Distance

Sheldon Coad took these photos with the help of Bobby Arthurs, and the club skiff. They circled the Reef and took photos in several directions. Pretty impressive when you see it, and pretty dangerous when you can't.

Windsurfing Rating Requirements Updated and How to Get to Senior

Click here for a more detailed description of the windsurfing rating requirements. We have also started something to help you get your Senior rating. To see how it works, click here

Want to get a rating/sign-off but don't know who can do it?

Click here to see who can sign off on which ratings/tests/check-outs (e.g., the Day Leader can sign off on Novice Windsurfer written and self-rescue). If you are logged-in to the website, you will be able to see a list of members who have the qualification needed (e.g., a list of those signed-off on the Laser who can then sign-off others). This link is also visible when you look at your White Card on the website.

Sailing Lessons on Demand is Back

Can't make the normal Monday, Thursday, Saturday sailing lessons? Or just want some extra focused time in smaller groups? Then this is for you. A small number of instructors are making themselves available for lessons outside the normal sessions. To see the details and a list of instructors and what they teach, go to Lessons->Sailing->Lessons on DemandYou will have to login to the site to see the contact information for the instructors.

  • Beginning Dinghy Sailing lessons on Saturday mornings and Monday and Thursday afternoons.
  • Keelboat lessons on Wednesday evenings. 
  • Windsurf lessons are held on sunny, breezy Saturday mornings, and on Sunday mornings too when the warm weather begins.

Please see the lessons page for more information. Get to the club early!